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Lesson Rates //

  • 30 mins - $35*

  • 45 mins - $50

  • 60 mins - $65

  • 90 mins - $90

  • Song Transcription/Arrangement - $5-25 (time dependant)

*The extra $5 on top of my hourly rate goes toward gas for in-home lessons, and cloud storage for online lessons, as well as the time it takes to organize and upkeep the online folders.

Policy //

Payment Method

Lessons must paid at the beginning of each month in order to secure my schedule.  If you will be missing a lesson, please see next section for what to do. 

If lessons are in person, cheques are preferred, but I also accept cash. If you are taking lessons online, or simply prefer to deal with online banking, the best method for payment is an e-transfer or PayPal (Family & Friends) to


Missed Lessons and Cancelations

Please inform me of any dates you will be missing for holidays, vacations, events, etc., at the beginning of the month and the lesson price will be deducted from the month’s total. A lesson missed during the month without prior notice will not be refunded. Exceptions will only be made if the student or teacher is sick or there is an emergency. 

If sick, please give 24 hours notice, otherwise the lesson cannot be refunded. If an emergency arises, please just let me know and we can figure out if a make-up lesson or a refund will be more appropriate for the situation.

My preferred method of refund is to subtract the lesson’s cost from the next month’s total, or simply to do a make up lesson. However I can also refund through e-transfer.


Online Lessons

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all of my lessons have moved online. To stay organized and productive while learning online, each student will share access to a Google Drive folder with myself. Each student’s folder contains:

  • The recordings of the past 2 weeks lessons for reference

  • A document file containing all homework notes for each lesson

  • An uploads folder where I may upload worksheets, songs, mp3’s, etc.

  • An uploads folder where the student may upload finished homework, scans from their books, etc.


The $5 travel fee has remained in place, however it is now used for the extra time it takes to organize and maintain these folders, as well as the cost of purchasing extra cloud storage every month.


Pandemic Changes

I have begun (as of the summer) reintroducing a select few students to in-person lessons. I will continue to do this at the rate of 1 family/location per month, as long as conditions allow. This option is only for families who are comfortable having me in their home, or for students who are not able to continue online. Precautions I am taking are:


  • Wearing a mask during lessons

  • Sanitizing my hands before entering the house, as well as after

  • Not physically touching the student

  • Maintaining as much distance as possible between me and the student, while still being able to read and interact with the music (usually amounts to 3-6 feet).


Please let me know if you are interested in resuming in person lessons, and we can work out a timeline to do so.

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